This week was sooo much fun. Why did it stick out from other weeks? Well there are several reasons. 1.) We tried our first full fledge sensory bin..I have no idea why I have dragged my feet on this one…..I guess the idea of having to gather up so many things that I’ll have to put back away seemed daunting. But it was so worth it! The first day I pulled out this bucket both girls were overwhelmed with wonder. I made them wait through all our school activities before we dug in. They played with it for over 2 hours the first day! I am kicking myself for not doing this sooner, but glad the experience was so great. 2.) It was also a great week because I was super prepared with lots of activities to keep things interesting. This made our school time fly by because I had several new things to add each day. 3.) And last, it was a great week because we talked about winter and the Arctic. MK’s favorite animal is the polar bear so she was so happy to read books about Polar bears, play games with them, find them in her sensory bin and as an extra surprise at the end of the week, go see the new polar bear on exhibit at our zoo.

Our letter for the week was “W” for winter. So when I found a Walrun craft on pintrest, which is also a character in some of the books we read this week, I felt like that fit perfectly into the week. I RJ thought making the Walrus was just hilarious. She loved pointing it out to everyone who came in the school room for the rest of the week.


Along with our “W” theme, we went though our Raising Rock Stars Preschool letter W unit. MK’s memory verse for the week was 1 John 4:19- We love him because he first loved us. She is picking up on verses so much quicker because I set them to a little tune usually. We sang and danced to Jesus Loves Me MANY times. We cut out her verse and did her RRSP craft. We spent a lot of time going through these little cards from the RRSP curriculum. My new favorite way to use these is to laminate them and cut them up so they are like little trading cards. We can then mix them all up with our alphabet soup and have lots of words to sound out and talk about. The girls didn’t know what a whisk was so I had fun explaining that and showing them a couple real ones in the kitchen.

IMG_6259 IMG_6257

We checked out several books about Lars the Polar Bear from the library and MK fell in love with Lars (no surprise there…) I then pulled out all the games from this printables pack from I love to cut out and laminate all these little games and get them ready. I’m disappointed that this area of school seems to be one of MK’s least favorite areas. But RJ seems to enjoy doing them somewhat so I still want to be sure and include them in the routine.

IMG_6285 IMG_6329

We also used some of the above printables pack in MK’s workbook. We continued to hammer in the idea of “different”. I was surprised how quickly she noticed the differences on this worksheet but could not notice differences on other objects that seemed very obvious to me. The fact that each item was the same but one was DOING something different really seemed to catch her eye. And I love how she gave the polar bear “angry eyes” and giggled about it.


As I said before the sensory bin was a huge favorite this week. I filled it with cotton balls and pom poms to represent snow. I then stuck in a ton of snowman, mitten, and reindeer erasers, blue and clear glass beads, balls, foam snowflakes and all of their “arctic” little people animals. We had hours of fun with this box and were able to work on so many different skills. We worked on same and different a lot, motor skills by transferring with different sized tongs, sorting and classifying, counting for little RJ, beginning letter sounds with all the objects, stacking, scooping, dumping and so much more.

IMG_6268 IMG_6267 IMG_6262 IMG_6260

And the cherry on top was our trip to see “Berlin” at the zoo on Saturday. We talked all about how she is new to the zoo and needs some time to adapt before being introduced to the other polar bear- Nikita. I was so proud when someone standing nearby overheard MK say that polar bears live in the Arctic which is at the top of the earth! (She learned this and many other little facts from these wonderful Calendar Connections! ) I seriously don’t know where we would be school-wise if I had not discovered and They have been such a blessing! Just a little plug there!  The cards are definitely geared for older children but since they fit for our theme I thought the girls would at least enjoy the pics and the practice counting each day. But MK has picked up on a surprising amount of little facts which is an extra added bonus!

IMG_6318 IMG_6320

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