This is week 3 and probably the last of our arctic and cold weather themed activities. Since one of my words for this year is “Simple” I am not trying to print off new activities each week if I can stretch certain ones over a longer period of time. I just try to introduce a few new in with the older ones and maybe switch up the way they are used each week. We also played with a lot of our manipulative toys and games this week. I feel like I have quite a few of these in my growing collection and am sometimes at a loss for where to plug them in. So this week RJ used several during her tot school times and then MK would almost always join in.

We worked on letter “C” from our Raising Rock Stars Preschool. Their verse for the week was Colossians 3:20-“Children obey your parents in all things, for this is well pleasing to the Lord.” This verse was so perfect for the week because both girls are at an age where they want to nit pick each other and are having lots of problems with listening and obeying.We read a few books on obeying. A set we (me and definitely the girls) love is called “First Virtues”. They present the virtues in such a simple way that sometimes I hear the girls walking around the house reciting the books word for word. It’s very cute and I certainly hope it is soaking into their little hearts!


Cutting up and laminating the little cards from RRSP continues to be a huge hit with the girls. Little RJ loves to pick out all the cards with words and then have me tell her what they all say.


We sang Trust and Obey like 100 times.


Puzzles seemed to be one of the toys of choice this week. RJ is really good at puzzles and if she is not..she stays determined to finish the task piece by piece. I’m proud of her ability to be so determined at 2 years old! MK worked on this fun OLD (from when I was a kid) puzzle of hands with corresponding dots to count for fingers. She is not at complete mastery of one to one counting but she has made big strides in the past month or so with all the printables and activities we have worked on.


MK also worked a lot on vocab word puzzles. I did not expect her to catch on to these as quickly as she did, but she loved them and kept asking for more. After putting each together, we mixed up all the pieces and then she had to sort them out for 5 individual puzzles. She then spelled out the letters to each word and told me the words. She is getting so curious about reading but I am really trying to wait until next fall for an official reading curriculum as I want to get all of our ducks in a row first! We will be spending a lot of time in the weeks ahead working on the different components to prepare her for that.


Another good old puzzle. I love that it has pictures of real life objects behind the shapes. RJ was talking about each color and shape of a piece before she placed it. Right now I’m trying to teach her the difference between a hexagon and a octagon. Not going to lie…I still have trouble with that one at times so I don’t really know how to explain it to a 2 year old!


We got this great set of tangrams and magnetic pattern pieces and puzzles from grandma at the beginning of the school year from Barker Creek and the girls are finally getting into them. MK placed most of the pieces and then RJ came back and put in all of the triangles. She counted them as she  placed them.


I’ve been saving the lids off all my creamer and milk cartons for a couple of months now and I made up a moveable alphabet set out of them. I tried to make at least 3 of each vowel and then extras of the most commonly used letters so there would be plenty for each to make just about any word. RJ is using just a sheet from an old printable pack with the whole uppercase alphabet on it to match letters to. MK is using a sheet with winter words from one of our printable packs to make words. We also printed off cards with their names on them and let them match up the letters to their names. MK can recognize her name now when she sees it but is still working on knowing the spelling independently.


We did two winter/ snowman crafts this week. This one was a huge hit. The girls each got an empty bottle to fill up with cotton balls to make a snowman. I tried to have them only use tongs to put the snowballs in but these little tongs were a little tough for RJ, so she wanted to use her hands. She still counted the “snowballs” as she added them into her bottle. MK did pretty well with the tongs. We are still working on the release as that seems to be the hardest part. They then got to pick colors for buttons and glue them on as well as a hat made out of a toilet paper roll covered in black paper that I had pre-assembled. They sang “Frosty the Snowman” (or for RJ noman…as she has not gotten her “S” sound yet). The rest of the school day their snowmen helped them do every activity.

IMG_6397 IMG_6396


We also made some more foam sticker snowmen from an awesome after Christmas clearance kit I snagged at Michael’s. I am really trying not to assist either one when they do little premade activities to encourage them to have proper placement. MK puts everything in the right spot and then gets upset when RJ’s are not placed correctly but I have to remind her that RJ’s art is her own and that she interprets it differently…even though in my head I want to correct it just as much! I just keep reminding myself art projects are about the process, not the end product! After assembling the snowmen, I gave them white sheets of paper and a snowflake punch and let them punch out snowflakes to glue on their pictures. Some of my punches are pretty easy, but this one was a little more difficult and MK really had to put her body into it. Her word for the year is “Strong” so that seemed an appropriate challenge for her.



That sums up our letter C unit and our 3 week long theme of winter fun! Now as it is 7 degrees out at the moment, I’m very ready for some spring fun!

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