First off, I am so excited and humbled to be featured on 1+1+1=1 tot school! God lead me to that site about 8 months ago and I have been blessed soooo much by everything she has to offer for school, mothering and much more. Hop over to her site to see more….

Tot School Feature

Our letter for school this week was V for Valentine’s Day! We looooove Valentine’s Day at our house. We love talking about and celebrating love with each other. But most of all we love Valentine’s Day because it is also Daddy’s birthday! So we are doubly blessed with so much to celebrate that we always make a very big deal out of it. We skipped the letter “V” verse from Raising Rock Stars Preschool this week so we could use a verse about love, so the girls memorized 1 Corinthians 13:4a “Love is Patient, love is kind.”  We decorated our letter V for loVe and then did a word categorizing craft that I just drew and cut out on paper to fit with all the words about love from 1 Corinthians. Some of these were extremely difficult to explain to a 3 year old (RJ the 2 year old lost interest from the get go) but I tried to simplify them as best I could.


IMG_6589 IMG_6597

We talked about lots of things that start with the letter “V”. Then I grabbed this great set of cloth food I got from Ikea and we separated out what was vegetables vs. other foods. We then played with the vegetables for a while really pronouncing the “V” sound as both girls had a little trouble with it. Then we pulled out some syllable cards and catagorized the vegetables by how many syllables each word has. This is more for MK, but RJ really had fun shouting the names and clapping along.

IMG_6587  IMG_6588


We played lots of games from this 1+1+1=1 tot pack, this homeschoolcreations pack and this pack from Two Teaching Mommies.

Heart shape matching


Counting the hearts


Pattern sequencing. Also cut and glue.


You can’t see this pic very well but it’s starting letter sounds cards.


RJ tried clipping the clothespins to lots of different items but in the end got frustrated so I pulled out some number lacing cards and let her lace.

IMG_6525 IMG_6563

We read tons of books about love and a couple about Valentine’s Day. The girls’ favorite this week was Happy Valentine’s Day Curious George so we broke down the activities that he does in the book and did each one ourselves as well. There was Valentine making, cookie decorating and decorating a Valentine box. We plan to decorate our box next week.


IMG_6580 IMG_6581


I made a batch of lavender scented pink play doh. (I know the scent does not really coordinate with the color but we needed something calming!) We used the playdoh to roll, cut out heart cookies and decorate with beads.

IMG_6593 IMG_6592 IMG_6591

We then made some real sugar cookies to decorate. These are one of my favorites from growing up. Heart shaped sugar cookies with a smaller heart cut out of the middle. This crush up red and pink hard candy to fill in the middle before baking. So pretty and so delicious!

IMG_6616 IMG_6628 IMG_6624

I also made a Valentine’s Sensory box. I dyed rice red using a little bit of rubbing alchohol and red food dye. This was my first time dying rice and it smelled terrible like the alchohol so I doused it in orange essential oil and that seemed to help…it also lifted our mood while playing with it! I added lots of little Valentine’s erasers, these hearts cut up to dig and find, and several scoops and buckets. They pulled the cards out first, looked at them and then tossed them aside to spend the rest of the time just scooping and dumping rice. They LOVED this.

We scooped. Then I would pour some over their hands. RJ made me do this to her for like 10 minutes…she really liked the way it felt. So then I made her do it to me for a while too! Then we poured rice on top of different objects to hear the different sounds they made. Then we dug out the little erasers and sorted them by phrase.

IMG_6517 IMG_6551

IMG_6559 IMG_6554

I then laid out these heart alphabet cards from 1+1+1=1 tot pack and we had lots of fun with them. I put them in the middle and the girls took turns each picking a letter until they were all gone. We then made patterns out of their letters. Then we put the letters in alphabetical order taking turns and shouting them out as we went. Then the girls jumped back and forth over the letters while we sung our ABCs.



We had so much fun with all of our Valentine themed activities that we plan to continue the theme into next week. We will be adding in some Hello Kitty with the letter “K” to spice up what we have already done!