This week we talked about the letter K. I combined Valentine’s Day activities with Hello Kitty and the girls loved it. We did our curriculum from Raising Rock Stars Preschool letter “K”. MK’s verse was Psalm 34:13 Keep your tongue from evil. Both girls memorized this one as it was short and I think they just loved sticking their tongues out!  We read several books about Valentine’s Day, Hello Kitty and of course, Princess Super Kitty, which is a favorite at our house. We love that book because it fosters great imagination for little minds. RJ has been part girl- part kitty for about 6 months ever since we first started reading that book!


We worked in the girls school workbooks on several K and Hello Kitty worksheets. All of our Hello Kitty printable came from this Hello Kitty Pack. The girls had lots of fun putting magnets and playdoh balls on their letter K mazes. We also worked on syllable sounds of words again this week using our letter K cards from RRSP. I think this might become a weekly activity to help instill this skill in MK and they both seem to enjoy it so far.

IMG_6672 IMG_6652 IMG_6668

We played several games from the Hello Kitty Pack..

Size sequencing…RJ is getting really good at this!


Head and tails matching with Hello Kitty.




And we played several rounds of memory.


In addition to our Valentine’s and Hello Kitty activities we also played a lot with a new moveable alphabet set that I created after finding it on Pinterest. The girls love all things small so of course these rocks were a hit!

First….since they were buried away in a closet they were quite dirty so I filled the sink up with soapy water and let the girls “clean” them all off they hunt them out to put in a bowl. They loved this activity just as much. I might have them cleaning more often for me!

IMG_6430 IMG_6433

I love this look of pure joy on RJ’s face!


Here is the setup…Just the bottom part of two egg cartons attached together. Then write a letter in the bottom of each spot. I combined W with X and Y with Z since there are only 24 spots. Then make 2-3 of each letter on small flat stones.  Easy peasy and cheap!

IMG_6465 IMG_6460

In introducing this set, I let them play with the letters some, then sort them into the appropriate cups, then we matched them with the hearts from our valentine pack from last week. Last was free play…I encouraged them to make shapes or big letters from the little letters. MK helped me make a triangle and a circle out of some. RJ just hoarded hers in a corner…she just loves to hold little things like this!

IMG_6598 IMG_6461

I pulled out the marbles after we were finished with school one day. I frequently use these as a bribe as the girls would just play with them all day if I let them. We practiced scooping them with a spoon and dropping them in the different spots of this Jello jelly bean try (no idea WHERE this came from, but it’s so useful for fine motor skills). MK practiced carrying across the room balanced on the spoon and dropping them in a cup.



Lastly since Valentine’s Day is also Daddy’s birthday, we spent lots of time decorating cards for him this week. MK traced all the words on her cards and then I pulled out the dot paint for them to make fun designs on the cards.

IMG_6663 IMG_6660

I love how when RJ is done with dot paint she will sit and entertain herself by lining up the markers, stacking the lids, matching the lids to their colored bottles and then attempting to screw the lids on. We are working on screwing the lids on independently but she still struggles with this and usually ends up with a lot of dot paint on her hands.


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