This week was all about the letter “B”. When preparing I knew I had to make it all about buttons! The girls love all things tiny, so buttons were sure to please them…and I was not disappointed. They had so much fun with this huge jar of buttons that my mom gave to us. I had a hard time getting them to actually do activities with them because they just wanted to play, but I was able to squeeze a few out.

After playing with the buttons for quite a while, we sorted out some of our favorite patterns.


Then we charted how many there were of each color….at least we tried. The girls were not much interested in giving up their buttons for this activity, but I’m going to try again in a few days.

IMG_6748 IMG_6747

“Pete the Cat” is a big favorite around our house, so I had to incorporate “Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons”. We read the book each day along with playing with these printable cards. I put little velcro stickies on the fronts of them for how many buttons were needed and then velcro on the backs of a bunch of buttons. I made the girls count as they put each button on to work on 1:1 ratio. And we also practiced pulling the buttons off, which proved to be a good fine motor activity for RJ since the velcro was super strong.




We practiced putting the numbers in the right order each day by asking RJ “what comes next?” This question seems to make it much harder than just counting the numbers so we are really working on that.


I made another fun counting game inspired by Pintrest with these little beads (I just love how many things start with B…made this week so fun!) I taped garage sale stickers to the ends of pipe cleaners cut in half so they would not be too long and numbered them 1-14. 14 Is the highest RJ can count right now, plus I figured any higher and they would lose interest. This activity kept their attention for up to 30 minutes 3 days in a row…They loved it. And it was such good fine motor practice as well as sorting (they chose special colors each time) and 1:1 ratio counting.

IMG_6769 IMG_6765

RJ is a little ball of energy…but when I put small things in front of her, she is immediately calmed and focused. I love it.


We also Built a lot with Blocks (I’m such a nerd with my letter guided activities.)

I just love that little focused face!


Yeah….I was pretty proud of my own block tower….not to brag or anything. We have one rule with building blocks. You are only allowed to knock down a tower if YOU were the builder. This tower was way too tempting for little hands.


We practiced lots of patterns.


Of course we did our RRSP letter B unit. MK’s verse was Matthew 5:9 “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” We worked  a lot on her site word, they, as she had some trouble mixing it up with “the”. They played a lot with the letter cards and again we sorted them by number of syllables. We talked a lot about being a peacemaker. It was great for all of us as we have kind of been at eachother’s throats during our winter hybernation!

IMG_6742 IMG_6741

We made letter B crafts and glued buttons all over them them I cut out on my Cricut.

IMG_6709 IMG_6708

MK did some letter B letter puzzles…these are a favorite of hers. And she practiced the site words on them several times not for mastery…just for familiarity.


We also printed off this fun Find it Pack from 1+1+1=1. This was a first try for these. I was not expecting a lot of interest based on my girls normal interests, but we found tons of ways to play with them and they had a great time. I cut out one set of cards and put magnet strips on the backs and they both enjoyed matching them on a cookie sheet many times. They I would call out an image and they would place beads on that image. I will definitely use these again with other letters…huge hit!

IMG_6768 IMG_6767

We put together the butterfly from this great Melissa and Doug toy. I really enjoy this toy as it comes with probably 15 images. It is still quite a challenge for RJ to push the pegs in (some are even kind of hard for me!) so it takes concentration and fine motor. Notice both of the girls are dressed as Bugs…I just can’t get enough!


I think that pretty much sums up our week. We had tons of opportunities to work on math skills this week…not that it was my intention, it just really all seemed to work together. I will probably try to work more next week on literacy activities. But we had a Blast with the letter B!

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