Our letter X week ended up being more like almost 2 weeks and was very unstructured. I didn’t have much planned for this week because I attempted 3 times to start the daunting task of potty training RJ. She is only 27 months so there is definitely no rush. But she has been pushing me to try it for 6 months. I keep putting it off because while she is ready emotionally…I wasn’t sure her little reflexes were ready physically. So after 3 times of me bailing on her, I finally just committed and we started training. We are 4 days in and I am quite certain she is almost entirely daytime trained. Poor thing has just been waiting for me to get my act together! 

So yeah…a lot of our school has happened on the bathroom floor this week but I did capture some fun in the “school room”. We continued with our RRSP curriculum for letter X. I skipped the verse this week as I felt MK might grasp it better in a few months. So we hit verse review really hard. I printed out the pictures that correspond with each verse and put them together in a little book. I would say the verse reference and based on that and the picture clue she did an awesome job reciting. In all, she has 16 verses memorized. I love that she is hiding God’s word in her little heart so early on! RJ probably has about 5 of them memorized just from hearing them all, so she chipped in lots too!

RJ also really wanted to get in on tracing this week…totally unprompted but I was pretty impressed with her efforts!


We talked a lot about the Xray from our Alphabet Soup can. MK was a little frightened by the image at first, so I really tried to get into explaining bones under our skin, ect. She has had many XRays this year unfortunately, so I also reminded her of those and explained that this is what the Drs were looking at. RJ tried to “pick up” her skin several times to see where the bones were “hiding”. It was a fun little lesson.


We colored and put stickers on letter X. I love those chubby little hands close up!

IMG_6862 IMG_6861

We used playdoh to work on the shape of X and on the X maps from 1+1+1=1.

IMG_6812 IMG_6914

RJ was not interested in doing the X map but loved stacking the different shapes. She has really gotten into spontaneous sorting. Almost every time I leave her alone with toys lately, I come back to find sorted and stacked or lined up items. Some proof….




I made them a water xylophone to go along with our X theme. They loved this and were constantly looking my way to make sure it was ok to be banging on glasses. This was so simple…I just put verying amounts of water in glasses with drops of food coloring in them. I used this tool to work with MK on full, fuller, less full, etc. I also gave a little beginning music lesson on high and low pitch. See that keyboard in the background? That was their Valentine’s Day present and will be working its way into school soon!


We used the book “Fox in Socks” as our main focus book for this week. The girls loved the tweetle beetles! I loved reading it as fast as I could! I used this book to really work on the concept of rhyming with MK. I pulled out several different worksheets and actvities to tie in with rhyming as well. By FAR the highligh of their week was me introducing them to “Sudsy”. I got this idea from this post. I made him out of a milk carton covered in cardstock. I sketched a pattern of socks and cut out several sets and laminated them. (All to tie in with Fox in Socks.) I used these for 2 different games but plan to pull it out for many in the future as well. I taped letter K’s and X’s on the back to help RJ sort through. Sometimes she mixes them up when she is just glancing, but after playing this a couple of times (X’s go in Sudsy, K’s go in laundry basket.”) she now identifies them correctly every time! For MK I printed pictures of words with X and on the matching sock words without X. She sorted the letter X words into Sudsy. She was soooo excited to see that her favorite horse, Max had snuck his way in!




They loved shaking Sudsy up to wash all the socks.


That pretty much sums up our week(s)!

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