We have been very busy the past month! We have spent lots of time in the school room and around the house and yard doing so much learning, I’ve not been able to take the time to sit down and blog about it all. So now I am going to try to play catch up by posting on 3 different weeks worth of school all at once! Yikes.

So we finished our rainbows unit the week of Easter. This unit was broken up into a few days before our Easter week and a few days after based on what they were interested in doing and the fact that I had way too many activities planned for both of those weeks! I just love both themes and got carried away with myself!

We continued our RRSP curriculum with the letter R. We did not really get the verse memorized for this week- Exodus 20:12- Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it Holy.  It was kind of difficult for me to properly explain the idea of the “Sabbath” to them at this young age but we did review the verse a few times.

I knew letter R would be a hard one for MK to get used to writing so I wanted to do several activities to help her with the formation. I’ve been working on making my own version of these homemade sandpaper tiles for a while and figured this was the perfect week to pull them out. I lined the front of a cereal box with White cardstock and cut into 3×4 squares. The thick cereal box along with the cardstock made for a nice, sturdy card- white on one side and brown on the other. I’d found some really thick, really glittery cardstock in my scrapbooking supplies and knew the texture would be perfect for this project. I cut out each capital letter on my cricut and glued them on. They feel very grainy and without my showing MK, she immediately knew to trace it with her finger.  I laid out the entire alphabet later that day and let both girls enjoy tracing all the letters. I’m really starting to appreciate these types of activities to engage other senses to learn letter formation. Writing is about so much more than just pen to paper!

school jan-mar 2013 633

And just to show you the grainy texture….

school jan-mar 2013 634 school jan-mar 2013 632

We made several rainbow crafts this week. The first was a printable rainbow sheet. (I’m sorry…I have no idea where I found this:() We first used dot paint to fill in the circles and then used punched colored paper to glue on each circle that matched that color.

school jan-mar 2013 638

school jan-mar 2013 643

Our other rainbow project was gluing matching cereal pieces to a rainbow on paper.

school jan-mar 2013 637 school jan-mar 2013 635

Yet another art project (yes…like I said, we had many for the past couple theme weeks which is why it took so long to get through!) was based on the book “Mouse Paint.” The girls really love this book and without my even going deeper into the concept really started to understand the concept of primary colors mixing to make secondary colors. First we read the book several times over the course of a couple days and spent much time talking through the color combinations. Then I rolled out butcher paper on the table. I put globs of red, yellow and blue paint on their paper. Then we started reading through the book. Each time a mouse would dance in another color, creating a secondary color, we would then mix those colors on our paper. The girls really enjoyed this and by the end of the project were just painting themselves…hands, face, whatever!

school jan-mar 2013 673

school jan-mar 2013 675

I also made a sensory bucket by just dumping tons of random pieces from assorted toys into a bucket. I made a little bucket out of creamer cartons for each color and letter of the rainbow and then had them sort the pieces into the buckets. They were not interested in the sorting aspect of this at all and just wanted to explore, which was fine. I think if there had been less pieces in the box, they would’ve been more inclined  to sort them. They are still in the box, so I’ll probably pull back out to have them help me sort them back to original place in a few days anyway!

school jan-mar 2013 646

school jan-mar 2013 647

For some of our carpet time and table activities, I followed the interests of MK and switched over to a Rapunzel theme. MK already knew Rapunzel started with R so I think I would’ve been hanged if I’d left her out of this letter week! I found these great Rapunzel/ Tangled printables and was ecstatic!

I had to take a pic of their school shelves because this was a huge source of excitement. When MK walked in and found who/ what was on her school shelf, she was shocked/ too excited to even touch anything. RJ just walked right over and grabbed their first activity to get started. I let them each have a figurine from Tangled to keep them company during all the activites.

school jan-mar 2013 651

MK chose Pascal and of course, had to put on her Rapunzel dress once she realized the theme.

school jan-mar 2013 648

We worked on patterning cards.

school jan-mar 2013 668

Daddy joined in the fun one night as they just did not get enough during the day and insisted on more “school” time. They worked on number puzzles and syllable cards.

school jan-mar 2013 672

school jan-mar 2013 667

We have never spent so much time doing roll and graph. I always wish they would be more interested and even try to make it a rowdy game to keep their attention. Turns out…all I needed was Rapunzel and her pals. They played round after round of this and loved predicting who would win!

school jan-mar 2013 658

MK was again excited to discover Rapunzel themed worksheets in her workbook!

school jan-mar 2013 671

I created a roll and count game by gluing a picture of Maximus and Flynn Ryder to the front of a cereal box. I then cut a hole out in Max’s mouth. The girls took turns rolling a die and feeding Max that many apples (red pom poms)…sorry, too busy during this game to take a good pic.

school jan-mar 2013 656

school jan-mar 2013 655

We pulled out a few more Rainbow activities in the school room such as playdoh. I usually make them choose one color to use at a time because I’m a little anal about mixing. But I let them have out all 6 colors of the rainbow and let them make rainbows themselves with it all. The girls both know the colors of the rainbow already because of a Mickey’s clubhouse video we have and love called “Minnie’s Rainbow.” They sing the song that accompanies the video and can remember the rainbow colors in order. As a treat they got to watch that at the end of the school week.

Below MK was making her own balls to put on her letter R maze. She was quite proud of herself for making the balls independently.

school jan-mar 2013 661

school jan-mar 2013 664

We also used a few of the printables from this rainbow pack. I didn’t get a pic of this, but we used the picture cards along with the song “Somewhere over the Rainbow” and the girls LOVED this. We sang it many times this week. I love introducing them to new kids songs and watching them get so excited!

school jan-mar 2013 641

We used this shape matching mat to make a letter R. I printed in black and white instead of color this time and it made it so much easier for the girls to do as they could see where they had already put magnets. Plus I would think it would create that much more of a challenge for them not having the clue of color, I feel it makes them pay even more attention to the shapes.

school jan-mar 2013 644

Well that was our LOADED letter R week that ended up spilling into 2 weeks. (And not gonna lie, I’ve had to put away a couple projects we did not get to. A little, er, overzealous on this one I guess.)