We have recently discovered the Quiet Bunny books by Lisa MCCue. The girls and I have fallen in LOVE with this adorable little bunny. The books are sweet and the pages are filled with beautifully animated pictures that we can sit and look at and talk about for the longest time. By far our favorite has been “Quiet Bunny’s Many Colors”  The book is all about the colors of Spring so I grabbed it because we have been threading the theme of spring into lots of our school work lately. We learned so much through this book by talking about different types of flowers we saw, the different animals and much more. Quiet Bunny tries to change his Brown color to fit in with the many different colors of spring so I thought we would make a craft out of all the ways he attempted to do this. I set up a station for each girl at the table and and I read through the book. We stopped each time Quiet Bunny tried a different color and made our own version of him using similar supplies.

First was yellow with dandelions. Since we have so many growing in our yard, that was easy to assemble. Second was green with lilly pads so I punched out green circles and cut little slits in them. Third was blue with blueberry juice so I gave them blue paint and a pom pom in a clothespin to dot the blue on him. Fourth was red with clay. I had some modeling clay but was afraid it would not stick to the page too well so we just painted him with a Red paint marker. And lastly, he returns to him beautiful brown color and fits in with all the other elements of nature during springtime. If you’ve not read this book, I HIGHLY recommend you do!

And please no scoffing at my homemade 2 minute bunny drawings!



IMG_7281 IMG_7282

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