We had a fuuuun week for Easter week. Yes…it was about 3 weeks ago, but I’m just getting around to posting all of it. We did so many fun projects that it was difficult to pick out the best pics. I love holidays. I especially love holidays now that we have little ones and can share in the excitement with them. Even more so I love that they are now old enough to grasp the real meanings of the holidays and celebrate our Savior!

We continued with RRSP this week with the letter E. The girls both memorized their verse, Proverbs 20:11 “Even a Child is known by his deeds.” The girls loved this verse because it talked about a child. We spent all kinds of time talking about what deeds were and which deeds were honoring to God versus dishonoring.


We colored a few sheets from the Just Color Easter pack. My girls are not huge on coloring. Well…they love to color, they just don’t pay much attention to the pictures or lines or anything. I’ve been working with MK lately to encourage her to color inside of lines to actually follow the picture. She struggles with fine motor anyway, so I really feel like coloring is such a natural way to work on this skill. I was incredibly proud of both the below pictures as I’m sure any momma would be.



Letter E craft with Easter eggs.


Size sorting with more of the same easter eggs. (I tediously spent time cutting all these eggs off of a piece of scrapbook paper…but totally worth the dime I spent on the page.)


Letter E find it!


RJ was using the egg from the RRSP craft to demonstrate positional words.


Then demonstrating positions from her easy reader with the easter egg.


We spent TONS of time playing with Easter eggs. The girls loved them. They loved putting things in them, matching them, digging with them, and were thrilled to have some in their bath one day!




We did several “which is different” with eggs.


I filled eggs with different small objects and put matches of each in an icecube tray. I had the girls shake them and identify the different sounds. They thoroughly enjoyed this activity!


They had tons of fun with this sensory bin! Each egg was filled with a different color of rice so as they opened them they mixed all the rice to make a multi-color bin.




The next day I took the Easter eggs out of the rice bin and filled it with milk cap letters. The girls fished out the letters and matched them to this alphabet egg..(which I cannot remember where I found:( )



We colored this Easter egg, trying really hard to stay in the lines. I then had her cut out the egg and let her put matching glitter on each line of the egg. I’ve been having her trace words on just about every picture we do to sneak in tracing letter practice as she is not incredibly interested in this skill, but will always do it on a picture!


My mom gave us these fun crosses with jewels to put together. They are supposed to be for older kids but I knew the girls would think it was great fun since they love tiny, sparkly things. I just filled it with elmers glue and let them get to work. They are still hanging in our window and look BEAUTIFUL!



This was one of our first times using our felt board as I did not have many felt figures. I found this adorable set of figurines from this printable pack along with instructions on how to make them work with felt boards (just print them, laminate them, and put velcro sticky dots on the back!) The girls love all stories of Jesus and they absolutely LOVED seeing it illustrated with fun characters on the felt board. Definitely going to be scouring Pintrest for me of these! The concept of disciples was new to the girls so we had fun with those characters and explaining what disciples are. Hubby and I have such a heart for discipleship that it was really fun to start introducing this concept to the girls.


We truly enjoyed this week so much. The girls looooove craft projects. I rarely have the steam to pull out more that 2 a week so this was a special week, but very much worth the effort.