Ok..so we took a looooooong break from blogging. I’m not going to lie….we took a pretty long break from having school as well. We finished our half basement throughout the summer and now are hugely blessed to have a room specifically just for school now (to be exact, it’s half a room, with the other half as a living room/ “man cave”) . The girls have been so excited to start school. They’ve been asking me since July if we could start but I wanted to have several weeks of materials prepared before starting so I wouldn’t be up until Midnight every Sunday night preparing for the week! So after stalling the girls for as long as I possibly could, we finally started back to school last week!

I took a snapshot the first morning of school of both of the girls. MK’s expression is a true portrait of her delight about starting back to school.


MK is 4 yr 1 mo. now.  I will be doing Pre-K work with her along with weekly letter themes for both girls. 


RJ is 34 months now. She will be doing Preschool. I’m going to be very flexible with RJ but allow her to join in as much as she wants with MK’s work. She’s very eager to learn and catches on quickly. For her main work, I’m reusing most of what MK went though last year with theme work and Raising Rock Stars Preschool and will just allow her to join in on anything additional as she desires.

When trying to decide what all we would cover this year I spent some time really reflecting on how last year went, what I missed out on, and what was really important to me. With the girls only being 3 and 4 this year of school, there is absolutely no pressure to be following some certain curriculum. With that in mind I made a list of the things that I really know the girls enjoy and the things that are most important to me that we cover and this is what we will base what we work on off of this year.

Reading- tons of books. Any subject that interests them. Will also be going through All About Reading Pre-K to work on reading readiness.

Arts and Crafts- Both love coloring, cutting, glue, GLITTER. We’ll do lots of arts and crafts (which I also happen to love) and try to make the activities tie in to themes and literacy as much as possible.

Pretend Play- Both girls love pretend play. RJ will spend the majority of her day in a world other than reality. I really want to capitalize on this by sneaking some creative learning into pretend time with us. I’m also not the best at spending lots of time in pretend play with them….so this is something I want to be far more intentional about.

Bible time: We read the bible and devotional every night. We memorize scripture together and talk about Jesus and pray. Those are all parts of our normal daily routine. But one of the big reasons I am drawn to homeschooling is being able to incorporate bible and Jesus naturally into our learning process. I want to be more intentional about drawing those themes into our learning even at this young point. 

Character development: Through our pretend play and our bible time, I want to have more of a focus on Character development. Practicing simple concepts like sharing and awareness of other’s needs, sympathy, consideration, etc.

Music: Music has always been a huge part of my life and I’m ready to share it with the girls. They love instruments and singing and I want to designate time during our day to singing, dancing, playing instruments and just developing a love of music in them.

We will also work in math, science, handwriting, and other activities based on age appropriateness.

I’m so excited to be started and just thank God for our new dedicated space to help me stay organized and the girls a place to display all of their fun activities!