We have lots of things around the house that pertain to the theme of bears so that was a natural theme for our letter B week. We had so much fun with our Blueberries for Sal unit last year that I also wanted to tie in a few of those activities. We also happen to love the book The Bee Tree and wanted to include that as well. So needless to say it was a JAMP PACKED week and a half of fun letter B activities!

We continued with our RRSP/ RRSK activities and school board. We had lots of fun singing and dancing, talking through our calendar each day and including “Murphy the Monkey” (hand puppet) in our RRSP board time.


I just have to gush about the RRSK worksheet that puts the words of the verse in order. I LOVE this sheet! MK is reviewing her verses this year to support what she already learned last year with RRSP. This sheet is wonderful for review, as well as cutting and gluing. My favorite part is that this sheet has been so useful on investigating/ breaking down words. I have MK look for the word that starts with a certain letter/ ends with a certain letter, etc. GREAT for pre-reading skills!

We had lots of bears and bees in our letter B basket.


These counting bears are always a favorite of the girls and since I’d hid them for about a month, they were ecstatic to have them back out! We played tons of matching games, counting games and pattern making with them.

We read Blueberries for Sal while eating Blueberry Waffles for breakfast one morning. Then we went downstairs for a blueberry hunt. We did this last winter and it was a huge hit so I had to repeat it of course! I just loved the excitement on their faces when they found more blueberries.


Then we counted them all out and dropped them in the bucket. There were some soft and some hard so it was fun to compare the sounds they made. (all the while saying Kuplink, Kuplank, Kuplunk.)


We used the BBFS printables from Homeschool Creations that we printed off last year.

We did several crafts this week. I found this super cute bear puppet from Kidsparkz. The girls love when I bring puppets out to use for school so I knew they would love making their own…and they did. They named their bears “Candy” and “Pizza” and they played with us the rest of the day.

We made Bumblebees out of our lowercase letter b from the COHS alphabet printables


We decorated our capital letter B from AAR.


And then we traced letter B’s on paper and then stamped them with different stamps that start with letter B.


I pulled out tons of puzzles and items from around the house that centered on bears or things that started with B. We used a tiny little basket and some bees from our Honeybee game to work on positioning words. (Under, over, next to, etc.)

Then we also worked on some worksheets. RJ got tons of cutting practice cutting up lots of little bugs and then sorting and gluing them to their matching picture. And I had to take a close-up of these wonderful scissors we got off Amazon for her. I knew she was not ready to start with regular kid scissors and stumbled across these and they have worked perfectly for her!



We also busted out our beloved “Sudsy” the washing machine that I made for them last year out of a milk carton and cut out sock patterns. They were very excited to see him again…but not so excited to work on lowercase b and d sorting. This is still somewhat confusing for both of them and I’ll be trying to find some more creative ways to work on this in a couple weeks when we are working on d. (Any suggestions in the comments would be very welcome!!)

We continued with our All About Reading Pre reading lessons. I had to give a shout out to Ziggy by including a picture of him of course! They are loving every minute of this curriculum so far and I don’t have to fight them AT ALL! This is huge for me because I was pretty intimidated by the idea of learning to read…what with it being basically the main building block to all other learning! This program has been so effective thus far and I think this is hugely in part to this wonderful Zebra:)


I decided this week that activities like the Letter Pattern sheet, Letter find it, puzzles, lacing cards and additional coloring pages would be our fill in work if someone finished with an activity while I was working with the other one and they needed something to keep them busy for just a few minutes. This worked out really well and I’m going to try to have at least 5-7 of these short things ready each week.



We had an amazing week working on the letter B! Again, just felt so blessed to be able to stay home with these wonderful little girls!