We had such a fun week of school with the letter C! Cats and Cupcakes are both greatly loved here so “If you Give a Cat a Cupcake” was a very natural book to theme our week off of. We read the book a couple of times at breakfast and MK excitedly asked if we were going to do school all about cats and cupcakes. She is catching on to my patterns!

I’ll be linking this post up with homeschool creations be sure to check out all the other fun Pre-k ideas at that site!

We continued our RRSP and RRSK work with our letter C verse Colossians 3:20 “Children obey your parents in all things, for this is well pleasing to the Lord.” We had set this verse to a little song last year so it came back very quickly for MK. And RJ picked up on it pretty quickly too. I love how much THEY love learning the bible!


The RRSP verse cut out and glue sheet remains a favorite of mine again this week and I definitely think MK takes a lot of pride in figuring out all the words and their order.  We also did our crafts and activities to go along with the week.

We read lots of fun books about cats, caterpillars, and obedience (to go along with our verse.)

They enjoyed their letter C basket and I am finally beginning to enjoy them as well as I see all of the fun learning that can candidly take place while they play. I brought in a large foam letter C and number 3 for them to play with and this enhanced the sorting and stacking that took place.


This was bound to happen.


Music time is always one of our favorites. I always try to play at least one song that pertains to our letter or theme of the week and one song that goes along with our memory verse or character trait. And then other silly songs are usually thrown in.


One of the first things I busted out after our Calendar and RRSK board time this week was these adorable cats and cupcake activities. The girls LOVED the cats and we played many, many games with them! We sang the little song off the printable sheet that came with them and fed that cat. We did lots of matches, counting, and patterns with the cupcakes as well.




We continued with our All About Reading Pre Reading program and are currently on lesson 5. We are doing 1-2 lessons each week.

We used the alphabet pattern puzzle from COHS for letter C.


With our lowercase letter c from the COHS alphabet pages, we made cats of course! I had them make stripes all over the cat and then gave them little ears, nose, whiskers, and eyes that I’d already cut out ahead of time to save time. They love when we turn a letter into something cute. And I love the opportunity to really work on the sound of that letter with them. This was really tricky this week as we are not ready to start talking about the rules for C vs. K but the question definitely came up several times.


We did several worksheets. We did letter C dot maze from 1+1+1=1. RJ wanted to dot paint hers and MK wanted to paint with a brush. They also painted a picture of Adam and Eve as that was our bible story this week. I’d planned to do a sssssneaky ssssnake craft too…but we never got to that. RJ did a few line tracing sheets and pre-writing practice. They did some cookie math by cutting out cookies and then adding them based on the numbers I wrote on paper. I was especially proud of MK for cutting out the round cookies. We’ve been practicing cutting round things and I think she is finally catching on! MK painted her cat from AAR and RJ helped punch out brown circle chocolate chips to put on it.

We painted the cupcakes that came with this printable. I loved watching MK do this craft! She put sooo much focus and thought into each little part that she painted. It took her 20 minutes and by the time she was finished, the table was pretty saturated with watercolors…but it was worth it. (I need to get a plastic table cloth but can never find them!) We then glued them to the Cupcake word sheet, traced the words and poured glitter all over it, adding a few large sequins for sprinkles.

The girls wanted to paint some more after the cupcake craft so I drew letter Cc’s on a large piece of paper and let them paint and decorate them. I then asked them to draw a picture of a cat for me. That activity was enjoyed way more than I’d anticipated.

I read them some Beloved “Pete the Cat” books and we pulled out these printables that I made last year. I had them line the cats up in numerical order and then work on 1:1 counting while adding buttons to them. And of course we had to sing the silly button song!

Another favorite activity this week was making play doh cupcakes. They had so much fun using actual liners. I got out a bunch of little beads to use as sprinkles and of course some candles. They thought it was really great when I put them in the real oven (turned off) to “cook”. They even had me set the timer and MK yelled at me when I almost pulled them out without an oven mitt.


Our complete favorite activity that we did this week was our pretend play bakery. I loved pulling in pretend play, math and listening skills and losing ourselves in the play for a couple of hours.


This week was yet another completely fun and engaging week. I know that the girls are a little older and thus have more of an excitement for learning. That has made a huge difference with our school time versus last year. But I also have learned a lot about being more thoughtful to their interests versus what I would most like to teach/ work on at school. It’s made the experience so much better for all of us and there is thus so much more learning! I feel like we are doing way less “worky” type stuff and yet all the skills that need to be worked on are totally being covered. It can be exhausting at times to think outside of the box, but so rewarding. I know if they are dreading school now, in a few years no one will be enjoying this homeschool experience together. So it is always my goal to have fun first and learn second right now.