We jumped out of our normal routine for a few days last week to do a mini farm theme unit. I knew we were taking a trip to the farm and wanted to capitalize on the excitement of seeing real animals by adding in some activities. I had grand plans and printed off cute printables and games to play. But much to my disappointment the girls were not on board with my plans.

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They LOVED going to the farm! The real life experience was a BLAST! And now that they are a little older than the last time we went (about 6 months ago) they were so much more engaged and bold about feeding and petting. It was wonderful!

Tossing feed to the chickens. MK thought this was great!


Feeding the “teenage” goats from our hands. Not bold enough to actually go into the pin with the animals, but they were definitely brave enough to feed from their hand!


My favorite was bottle feeding the babies. RJ was so loving with her little goat (she named it Fluffy and wouldn’t talk to any other goat out of loyalty to this one.)


We had some fun making music with the cow bells and attempted to ride broken tractor tricycles.

I tried many printables but won’t even bother to include pictures as, like I said before, they were totally just not into it. MK kept asking…”I thought we were supposed to be on letter D this week….Farm doesn’t start with D?”  and “Where is our RRSP board?” This definitely shows me that while I might like to mix things up a bit more from time to time, she is very comfortable with the pattern of letter weeks that we have already established. I’ll know for next time!

So I scrapped the printables (hopefully can come back to them later!) and made a small world farm sensory bin for them to play with. I’ve been drooling over some that I’ve seen on pinterest and how welcoming they look and so I decided farm would be an easy one to start with. It did not disappoint! The girls loved it and played with it for MANY hours over the course of several days.

I was really going for simple with the barn so I just put their little people barn in the box.


I taped felt down for the water and used some playdoh to hold rocks down around it. I made a playdoh pig pen and playdoh field both separated with fences made from popsicle sticks. I put corn kernels down as the ground and put some split peas in cut up toilet paper rolls for feed. The playdoh I used was homemade playdoh that was probably going to need to be thrown out soon anyway. It was really super soft so as long as I put the lid on the box when girls were finished playing, it didn’t dry out until about day 3.


I found a great deal on the Safari Tube of animals at Michael’s with a 40% off coupon (ended up less that $5) so I did purchase those to add in as a new surprise. They love animals that size and I knew they would be preferred over little people animals.


I modeled some pretend play with them and they had fun talking with the animals and playing out little scenarios. They fed all the animals from their hands just like we’d done at the farm. And we spent a lot of time talking about what those animals were like in real life and what they do, eat, where they live, etc. The box definitely saved the week from being a total loss thankfully!


And by the end of the week…the box had been well loved and played with. It definitely no longer looked like a farm as everything was mooshed together and the animals just swam in it. but still so fun!