We continued with our RRSP and REALLY focused on the memory verse this week; Philippians 2:14 ( I LOVE the way RJ struggles to say Philippians!…just had to throw that in!) Do all things without complaining or disputing. Oh how that has been a struggle at our house recently! So there were lots of teaching opportunities this week and now the girls KNOW that verse!


Our sight word for this week was “all” and so I grabbed out some of our magnetic letters and words so MK could work on the different words that rhymed with all. I’m not sure she really grasped this concept entirely, but I just want to start introducing it.


We had lots of fun exploring our letter D basket, (mostly full of dinosaurs because that’s just what we have!)

We had fun with our puppet “Murphy” playing with our alphabet soup words. He helped us count the syllables of each word.


The girls also had a lot of fun playing with Dinosaurs in the sensory box. I was lazy and just threw a bunch of beans in there. But they still had tons of fun all week with it! I tried to pull in a little math by giving them foam dice and having them add up dinosaurs for the numbers on each die.

We used our lowercase d from COHS alphabet printables to create ducks. Um….they looked a lot more like chicks…but whatev. I encouraged them to get a little fine motor practice by tearing the yellow paper to glue on for feathers. MK kept looking at me like she was going to get in trouble. (yeah…we don’t tear much paper around here, and when we do, it’s usually an accidental book page.)

MK enjoyed painting her Capital D from AAR. We completed 2 lessons this week from AAR as well.


The girls really enjoyed playing Find It this week. I hid all the words around the room and they had to hunt for them. They are in a stage where anything that resembles and hunt is great fun!


For our bible story this week we read about David and Goliath. The girls love this story so they were really excited to dig into it with crafts! I made quick little pouches with squares of felt and yarn and put 5 stones in each for them. We then did this cute craft of David and Goliath with paper towel rolls and they had so much fun making David throw stones at Goliath. MK really got into the idea that David was not afraid because God was on his side. I love to hear her little heart grasp these concepts and I swear her eyes have an extra twinkle in them when she talks about it!



We did the alphabet pattern block page from COHS.


I hit an amazing garage sale a couple of months ago from a retired kindergarten teacher! I have so many fun printables, and themed lessons that I got for almost nothing. I mostly tried to find things that tied with fairy tale or nursery rhyme themes because I’m trying to tie some of that into school this year. She had a cute coloring book set for the Ugly Duckling so we read a couple different versions of that book and then colored all the pages to put together as a book.

We did a very loose and unofficial row of Make Way for Ducklings this week. The girls and I love Robert McCloskey books. His illustrations are so engaging and the stories so endearing! We had so much fun with these activities that I made a separate post out of those activities. Here’s a peak though!