I could not officially title this post as a FIAR post as we did not follow the curriculum. Yes, I have the curriculum and yes, this was intended to be an actual ROW…but I got lazy and time got away with me so we mostly did activities that I pulled together from Pinterest. None of these are my own to claim as brilliant creations, but nonetheless, we had a ton of fun together exploring Make Way for Ducklings!

I’ll be linking this post up with Homeschoolcreations.

We read the book every morning while eating breakfast. After breakfast the first day I got out a bag of peanuts (my kids have never even SEEN a peanut still in the shell!! shame…) I let them investigate the peanuts…sniffing, licking, cracking…whatever they wanted to do. This was much, much fun. We got to explore with our senses and practice fine motor skill as they cracked open about 30 peanuts and then explore with our sense of taste as they devoured every one they could get out of a shell!




Oh how they now love, love LOVE peanuts!

The next day we talked about what an island is. I’ve not done much of any geography with them, but had already planned to include lots of that in this week. We went out in the yard and dug up a bunch of mud. (This was the WORMIEST mud I’ve ever seen as it’s been raining a lot here. I can handle a worm or two….but this turned my stomach.) We made an island in our sensory bin. I threw some rocks in for effect and filled it with water. I took a twig off our small, humble front yard tree and stuck it in the island like the tree the ducks slept under at the end of the book. The girls had so much fun playing with the island and eventually turning it into a large sloshy mud bucket.  This was a really great visual for them and the concept of an island really stuck.




The third day I cut out some foam ducks to make the 8 ducklings and wrote their names on each one. The girls put them in order as I read the book based on their beginning sounds. We then did a little math by giving the amount of peanuts to them based on their number in line. They loved the little ducklings in the story so this was fun for pretend feeding as well.


The last day we talked a lot about locations. We went outside and looked at the address on the front of our house. We memorized the numbers and practiced writing them down. We worked a lot on our street address as well as talking about the city we live it. I made our “city” on the floor out of cardboard. The girls helped fill me in on all the places of interest that we go throughout the week and I made a little house for each of them (I’ve had random cardboard boxes sitting everywhere for the past 2 weeks in preparation for this!) We drew roads and used cars and trains to drive around the city observing the different things we typically pass. I never got a great pic of this b/c I was making it AS they were playing on it most of the time.


I also have this wooden states puzzle that is way too advanced for them and is meant to work on learning the Capitols to every state, but RJ had a lot of fun matching the shapes of the states to their spots. Then we traced the path from Massachusetts to where we live.


We had a ton of fun “ROWing” this book in addition to our “normal” letter D preschool activities. I aspire to dig a little more deeper into the actual FIAR curriculum before attempting our next ROW in a few weeks!