I’ve taken a long pause from posting. We are still having school and I’ve still been taking pictures so I now have about 6 weeks worth of posts to catch up on. For now though, I’m just going to skip to what we just finished with since it’s the most fresh in my mind

We started our letter J week a few days before Christmas but because of all the festivities ended the New Year. It was stretched out but we still had a lot of fun with several activities and crafts. My girls looooove baby Jesus so it was fun to tie him in during our school work as well as our other Christmas festivities.

RJ made the Capital and lowercase J magnetic blocks puzzles from COHS.


We practiced making making letter Js in the salt tray. I’ve seen this idea on several different sights and using lots of different materials. I made this box for the girls about a month ago and finally remembered to take a picture of the girls using it. They LOVE to make letters in here! Well….they really just love to play in it, but I try to make it just a play to practice making letters.


MK making her capital J sheet from All About Reading Pre-K. We’ve really been enjoying these lessons. I’m at a point (much to my dismay) where I need to split the girls up for these lessons. I think MK is ready to skip or just fly through a good portion of this curriculum so she can move on. However, since it’s all new for RJ, I definitely feel that we need to sit on each lesson for a few days. As MK continues to progress I really feel the gap between the two of them spreading. RJ is so advanced for her little new 3 year old self and as proud as I am of her, it’s not realistic for me to expect her to keep up with MK and still benefit/ enjoy the learning process. They are like twins in so many ways..RJ now outweighs MK and is right at her level in many areas. But I definitely want to reconfigure their schooling time this year to be more sensitive to the areas where RJ and MK need to learn at individual levels. I think it’s just going to take some time to figure out how best to split them up and and what the other should be doing during that time period….


We painted the lowercase j from COHS letter printables. We made the top like a star, the bottom brown like the stable and then glued a tiny little Jesus in a manger in the bottom loop of the j. I’m mad at myself for not taking a pic of the final product because they were so cute!


RJ is getting better with tracing her letters. I’ve only really just started encouraging her to do this as she is getting a better pencil grip and taking more interest in intentional writing.


We continued with RRSP and RRSK for the girls this week. Focusing on the letter J and the verse John 14:6 “Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth and the life.” RJ had so much fun reading her RRSP craft and then opening the door to show Jesus. She did this several times and would laugh every time!

RJ circling beginning sounds from these Nativity printables left over from some we printed last year. She is really starting to understand beginning word sounds…I just have to make sure she is actually paying attention, otherwise she will just guess until she gets it.


Most of the extra activities the girls did this week came from this Nativity pack. MK doing a Nativity puzzle from this pack that counts by 10’s. This was my first time introducing counting by 10’s. I thought it would be a good time because we are working on counting and number recognition up to 30 and I thought the idea of 10’s might be useful. She kind of grasped it after a try or 2 but definitely needs reinforcement.


Color by numbers from same pack. I love that MK is starting to really care about coloring.. She is getting more and more intentional about staying in the lines and making meaningful pictures. It’s so fun to watch the artistic side of her develop!


RJ doing a lacing card from the above Nativity pack. Sometimes I breeze through these important motor activities only to realize she has not truly mastered them. I really tried this week to encourage practicing the lacing over and over. I mostly had to hold the card in place for her , so will be working on these some more!


Each girl did a fill in the missing letter sheet from the Nativity Pack. RJ put letter stickers on hers and MK wrote the letters in hers.



RJ did matching uppercase and lowercase letters from the Nativity Pack.


Both girls did this printable to cut and glue things that start with the letter J. I can’t for the life of me find where I printed this from….but if I figure it out, I’ll come back and add the link.


I didn’t get any other pictures of MK working on her RRSK work this week. She did some of it independently while I was trying to give RJ a little more individual attention. I did grab this pic of her sight word sheet. This was our first sight word that she has not really mastered yet. She has about 15 that she will regularly point out when she sees them out in public and gets very proud of herself (and I goosh over her…which helps.)


By FAR  the girl’s favorite activity of the week was having a numbers scavenger hunt! I cut up the numbers (1-30) from the math RRSK printables for letter J and hid them in spots all over the house. With each number a put 1 jellybean (I think that’s where most of the interested applied.) I would give the girl a clue of where something might be (i.e. “where we clean our teeth” and they would run and find a number and a jellybean by the toothbrushes). When they had brought back all the numbers we took turns gluing them down in the correct order- working on number identification and number order. Then they got another little treat when they were finished since we were totally on a sugar high at that point anyway!

All their work for the week hung up in the school room.