So 2 years ago I did Project 365, taking a picture each day to post in order to keep a daily document of what we did throughout the year. I loved doing this and will treasure having the pictures to look back through and remember the first year of RJ’s life. I’m mad at myself for not doing it last year, but have committed to pick back up with the practice this year so I again can daily record the beautiful memories that happen in our house. My goal is to post every Sunday with the prior week’s pics so we will see how that goes!

Jan. 1- The girls went to bed after 11:30 on New Year’s Eve and still RJ was up by 8:15 on New Year’s Day. Daddy entertained her with his phone to keep her from waking up MK who slept until 10:30 before I finally just woke her up. You can tell which one of our kids likes sleep and which one doesn’t!


Jan. 2- Bath night.


Jan 3.- Both girls threw up this morning….not sure why and they were both fine within a half hour afterwards. RJ threw up all over the kitchen and then asked me for some plain, dry toast. I gave her a piece (after throwing her in the bath and cleaning up the kitchen floor.) She would just take a little nibble and then stare off into space for a few minutes at a time. I’d give anything to know what was going through that little mind of hers!


Jan. 4- Daddy spent a very dedicated afternoon to trying to make the girls’ train table into the perfect formation. (We’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks and no configuration meets all the needs of our little train conductors.) I kept trying to take his picture playing with trains because lets just be honest…trying to reconfigure the tracks is not for the girls- its for Daddy. He would not allow me a shot so I settled for just a train:(


Jan. 5- We got a good dumping of snow through the night. More than what we were aware of and so we stupidly got out and went to church. NOTHING was plowed…hardly even the highway. But we committed anyway and Daddy decided to shovel the driveway when we got home. I begged him to allow a pic in his multi-layers.


I know to anyone outside our house, our life must seem pretty mundane and disinteresting but there is no place I’d rather be. Our days are full of laughter, screaming, time outs, hugs and love.