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As MK gets older, she asks more and more big questions. I love to see how her little heart is developing and attempting to process information that is far beyond even me.

The other night I walked into her bedroom to tuck her in and sing her a song and this conversation unfolded.

MK: Why aren’t we going to Heaven?

Mom: Well Baby, God still wants us to be here on earth working for Him and loving people. When He is finished with his plan for each of us here, then we will go to Heaven to be with him if Jesus lives in our hearts.

MK: But will we come back?

Mom: No baby. Once we go to Heaven we will be there forever.

MK: Like Baby H? Is she coming back?

Mom: No. God’s plan for her was to be with him in Heaven forever. He’s holding her and loving her for us.

MK: But I miss her.

Mom: Me too baby. But we will see her and get to spend forever with her in Heaven one day.

MK: But I don’t want to go to Heaven. I will miss our house. We will have to come back to our house.

Mom: Sweetheart, once we get to Heaven, we will be so excited about seeing God that we won’t be worried about our house. We won’t even remember it or anything else that we owned on earth. We will be so busy praising God together that nothing else will matter.

MK still looked very concerned at this point. I just assured her that for now, God’s plan is for her to be here on earth and that she should enjoy her life, and always try to be a light for Jesus.

As I left her room I was just in awe of her….I started wondering what else is rolling around in her little mind and would love just even a glimpse! Over the past couple of days I’ve really been reflecting on that conversation and what sticks out the most is MK’s concern for her house, her stuff….her familiar world. She’s 4- this is what she can grasp so it’s what I would expect. But I’m 30 (gasp…it’s out) and it’s still really all I can grasp. My heart is here…with my family, my home, my routine, my future plans.

That’s not what God calls me to though. He calls me to be kingdom minded. He calls me to live as a stranger here on earth- ever pressing and longing for the fulfillment of my eternal home with him. In Matthew 13:45-46 Jesus calls the Kingdom of Heaven a pearl that a man sold everything he had to buy.

<Oh Lord, teach me to have a heart that longs for heaven. Teach me to yearn for that closeness with you -to treasure eternity with you so much more that my life, my home, my family pales in comparison to one single glimpse of your face. Teach me to see you and search for you in a way that pours out onto my children and gives them a growing understanding of your goodness and the gift you offer. >