I consider it a success to have made it through my first full week of project 365. But am already feeling blessed by doing it as I recap on the week while looking through pictures. I know the best way to keep the sweet memories I make with my family vivid in my mind is to record them so here we go!

Jan. 6- MK saw that I was going to sweep the kitchen floor and asked if she could “help”. I couldn’t turn her down even though it meant taking twice as long to get the floor swept. She has been playing the role of little Mommy a lot these days (see baby in hand whilst sweeping). I love to see her nurturing side developing through her imaginative play.


Jan. 7- To us Superman has no cape. To the women of our home Superman gets home between 6 and 7 exhausted and then proceeds to be human jungle gym and trampoline for the next 2 hours. We love this guy!


Jan. 8- This pic is not good quality at all but at gymnastics I just had to snap a pic of MK on the bars on my phone. She is the smallest in her class but that doesn’t stop her from having plenty of gusto!


Jan. 9- Almost daily I walk into rooms and find darling little scenes like this set up. This is my precious RJ’s doing I’m sure. Every baby is tucked into a blanket when I find them. In the kitchen, every animal is having a snack. I just love her non-stop imaginative world.


Jan. 10- I looked over at the girls while making breakfast and found them both standing completely still looking out the window. They kind of look like prisoners from this angle…heehee. I went over to see what had them both so captivated and they were very intently watching the behaviors of a stray cat trying to navigate its way through the snow in our yard. This entertained them for a good 15 minutes.


Jan. 11-MK was waiting to get her coat on while sitting on the stairs. I just thought she looked like a little princess that needed her picture taken. She was so patient as she posed for about 10 shots b/c I could not get the right light….I’m so bad with my camera.


Jan. 12 -After church RJ was acting terribly grumpy. Hubby and I neither one could get her to snap out of it. Once we got on the highway, we figured out why….she vomited E.V.E.R.Y.W.H.E.R.E…. like….a lot. We stopped at a gas station and I didn’t know what to do. Her clothes, her seat…everything was coated. I peeled her out of her carseat and made her walk (I wasn’t picking that mess up) into the gas station with me. I asked the gas station attendant for a pair of scissors and made her stand on paper towels in the bathroom while I cut her shirt off of her. Yep…I was not about to smear that stuff all up in her hair too.  I gave her a paper towel bath and then wrapped her naked in my coat. I ran into Target and got new pants, shirt and panties and changed her in the car so we could take Great Grandma out to lunch for her birthday. We took Grandma to Longhorn. Yep…nice classy place. Well….it was before we showed up. RJ barfed all over her daddy, in my hands and all over their nice classy floor. I took her to the bathroom, removed her brand new shirt wrapped her in my sweater and then back in the car she went in my coat again. Oh the joys of motherhood abounded today…just had to laugh it off. (And pray that I don’t have to throw away my coat.)