So I’m finally going to slowly go back and start recording our 6+ weeks of school from last fall that I never blogged about. I was diligent to take pics so I definitely want to post about them so I’ll have them to look back over. This is from the week of October 20th. We talked about the letter E. Most of school was about elephants and eggs using the books, “Horton Hatches and Egg” and the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”.  I’ll do a separate post for those. But I also have been really wanting to make them a mail box after seeing so many fun ideas on Pinterest about them. I knew that it would provide a great opportunity to work on Handwriting and some fun pretend play. So I incorporated a day all about Envelopes to tie in the letter E with mail.

I started out by showing the girls the mailbox and letting them play with it. Then I explained all the pieces and let them play and write and letter match.

I had a ton of left over stationary from our wedding…yep 9 years later I knew it’d come to good use at some point! I covered the front of pieces of stationary with each letter of the alphabet lowercase. The girls could choose any letter, open the card and practice making that letter (lowercase or capital) inside the card. For RJ I put little dotted lines for her to trace.


I wrote the capital letters on the outside of envelopes and arranged them on the floor. After the girls chose a card and practiced writing, they went to find the matching capital envelope.



Then they stuffed their cards into envelopes. I helped a lot with this….it was a little more difficult than I imagined and I was afraid of little paper cuts:(

Then they got to play with the mailbox. They put letters in, pulled them back out of the back opening. They put them in the “mail” bag and then proceeded to deliver them around the room.




I then had them separate the cards from the envelopes and sort them…kind of like backwards of the way they do at the post office…kind of….


Then we read Richard Scarry’s book “What do People Do?” page all about mail and the postal delivery person. We decided to write letters to the girls’ grandmas. We addressed the envelopes and I explained that is how the postman knows where the letters should go. We then took a field trip to the post office to buy stamps and mail the letters.


The post office worker saw what we were doing/ heard me explaining the process to the girls and so she let us peek back in the front mail room to show the girls where the mail goes and how its sorted. (If you look closely, you can see MK’s letter to Grandma right on top of the pile.)  She also gave the girls pamphlets all about stamps.



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