Jan.13 MK was reading the Devotional to RJ and Jingle.


Jan. 14- For school this week we were reading the book “Lentil” about a young boy who learns to play the harmonica. I bought the girls one to play with/ learn and RJ immediately loved it and wanted to play it all the time.  MK was scared of it for the first 5 hours and then, true to her nature, eventually warmed up to it and wanted to play as well.


Jan. 15- RJ after a bath. Yes…she is on the toilet…but the shot was too cute to pass up.


Jan. 16- Here is another of those scenes RJ creates that I just love walking up on. RJ looked at me and whispered, “everybody is watching baby giraffe sleep.”


Jan. 17- Lemons are another part of “Lentil” so I made the girls taste one. Classic lemon face.


Jan. 18- The girls have never used a bar of soap before. Shame!!! So I let them play with soap in a bucket of water.  Lots of good, clean fun.


Jan. 19- Sunday brunch….Daddy’s chocolate chip pancakes.


Jan. 19….again.  After posting this I just had to go back and add in a pic from Sunday night. The girls’ aunt and uncle came over for dinner and to ask to girls to be the flowergirls in their wedding next summer. Both girls were sooooo excited. Aunt Nina was reading them a book all about being the flower girl….very precious moment.

Jan 19