I posted yesterday about our trip to the post office and pretend play with a mail box. Here is what happened the rest of the week of October 20th, 2013. (Sounds like so long ago!)

I made a letter E basket with some letters and the Alphabet Soup letter E can and a few elephants. We talked about the sounds that E makes and all the different words we could find in the basket…practicing making our e sounds while saying them.


MK was pretty excited to see the elephant wash cloth/ hand puppet. She wanted to introduce the elephant to Murphy and Ziggy, our other school room puppets.


We continued with Raising Rock Stars Preschool and Kindergarten curriculum. We worked on our Memory Verse: Proverbs 20:11- “Even a child is known by his deeds.” We talked at great length about what deeds meant and gave many examples of good deeds versus bad deeds. We discussed what kind of deeds we wanted to be known by and prayed God would help us to be known by our good deeds.

MK putting together her verse word by word.


RJ cutting out her verse. I think this was around the time she started cutting without me helping to hold the paper for her.


RJ putting together for RRSP craft. Before she glued the egg to the basket, we used the egg to practice our positional words by putting the egg over, under, beside, behind, on the basket.


MK working on phonics sheet from RRSK pack.


This was a math counting sheet from the RRSK pack. I pulled out some eggs from our Easter themed activities and she used those to count. She then used the eggs to make different patterns.


Both girls enjoyed doing the Letter E Find It!



We used several printables from this adorable Letter E/ Elephant pack.

Dot painting.


Trace and color the E is for Elephant



Tracing and naming shapes.


Capital and lowercase E elephant puzzle.


Dot painting lowercase and capital E’s.


We used the letter E collage page from COHS to make elephants based off of this craft I found on Pinterest also from COHS.


They both LOVED getting to color on their thumbs and putting thumb prints all over the paper for peanuts for the All About Reading Pre-Reading E for Elephant sheet!


I LOVED this lapbook and unit activities from Homeschool Share to go along with Humpty Dumpty! The girls love nursery rhymes and we spent 2 whole days just focusing on that nursery Rhyme with these printables along with reading “Horton Hatches an Egg.”

We learned about amphibians. We talked about what amphibian means- on the most elementary level, I explained this as animals that begin their life in water and then develop to live on land and/or water. We discussed animals that hatch from eggs.


Grouping different amphibians together.

We read the book “Bullfrog Grows Up”. This book is a cute illustration of a tadpole becoming a bullfrog and the process it goes through- Although unrealistic as mice take the tadpole to be their pet before it grows to be a Bullfrog, but still a well-loved illustration.

They made egg people…like Humpty Dumpty. They thought this was hilarious and insisted on adding googley eyes to all the eggs.

This was a story sequencing activity for the Humpty Dumpty nursery rhyme. They colored, cut and glued the different parts of the story in order.


They colored (MK outlined) letter E’s and then glued pictures of different things that start with letter E to make a little book.


Here is the front cover of their books.


Here’s the inside. The girls loved that their big “book” was made of all the small “books” and wanted to read them over and over, which was fine for me because we got in tons of review.


I pulled out these eggs from our Easter printables so the girls could work on counting and number matching.


I’m not sure where this tied in with our theme for the week, but I pulled out our matching blocks and boards that we got from zulily for Christmas last year and the girls had fun matching them all. We then played feel and match where the girls would have 5 or so boards and put the 5 matching characters in the bag. They had to close their eyes and feel for the right figure to match the board in front of them. They love any game where they have to squeeze their eyes shut!