While these are not some of my greatest pictures photographically speaking, I’m excited that this week I was able to capture a little of the true essence of every day…which is after all, why I’m doing this!

Jan. 20th- Daddy had Monday off work for MLK day so we enjoyed a LAZY family day.


Jan. 21- Somedays you just need to remember that God is Good ALWAYS….that everything God does is GOOD. This was one of those days.


Jan. 22- Family game night.


Jan. 23 I was staring at this beautiful little girl and I just thought…”I wish I could understand what is going on inside her head so I could help her get it out.” MK has been having a hard time expressing what’s going on in her head/ how she’s feeling, ect. This was a particularly hard day that really showed Daddy and I that we need to be praying more about how to intentionally parent her through this time. Her sweet little heart is just so full of stuff, we want to help her pull it out.


Jan. 24 NOT  a good picture of me. It was FREEZING in the garage so I had 3 sweatshirts and my dad’s coat and ear covers on. Would never post a picture like this of myself except that this day needed to be documented. I needed a new table. After weeks of looking for the right one, I persuaded my dad to help me build a farm table. This is day one of the project. I’m excited for the finished product. I’m excited to be doing this with my dad. I’m excited to have a priceless piece that we created together that can be passed down for generations (hopefully they value it as much as I know I will!)


Jan. 25- Costco….on a Saturday….no more really needs to be said. The girls were D.O.N.E. by the time we checked out. And MK’s eyes…yeah…went home and found out she had a 102.8 temp.


Jan. 26- The glory of God displayed for all to see…..Every time I see a sunset like this, that is exactly what I think. Except I didn’t notice this one first. My silly little 3 year old who would not sit still at the dinner table glanced up through our tiny little window across the room, above the front door and said “Oh! Look at all the colors in the sky!” I took her out on the front porch and told her that when we talked about God’s Glory (which we often do) this is a picture of what that means. Then we said a little prayer to thank God for his colors.